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New collection available at! Head over to discover the new models of board shorts and swim shorts. The cuts have been updated to be incredibly comfortable, from the pool to the scariest cliff jump! The pockets are improved, and might well be the best swim shorts pockets our there! 

Hand crafted beach rackets will soon arrive as well. Made from maple and walnut, they will be a great addition to your beach game! Get your frescobol game on! 

Watch this space for more info coming soon! Happy summer!

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Happy New Year to you all!

2015 has been an exciting year for us at Sandbucket. A lot of learning, leading to big improvements. We never stop testing our boardshorts, so we can make sure we improve what is not yet perfect. For sure, it is quite exciting, pushing the limits of our products meaning pushing our own limits in the water, so we indeed like that! (and drinking next to the pool has been in the process too of course, you never know, need to make sure our shorts work for that too!)

Hearing feedback from you helped us a lot as well. We have been working on a smart size selection system on the website, to make sure you never choose the wrong size when ordering ever. Online shopping can leave you wondering if you are ever going to choose to right size, or if the product is going to look the same when it reaches you. It has been a big focus for us, and 2016 will bring a great shopping experience, fear no more!

The new collection is getting ready to hit the beach this summer. We can already say that our boardshorts and swimshorts have been well improved, with new cuts and new designs, keeping a minimalist approach. We do very much care about what you think, so we will always improve towards meeting your expectations.

Some new products will hit the store too, but we will unveil that in the coming weeks!

Wishing you an amazing year 2016, full of discoveries and fun wherever you’ll find water!!

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Yes, it is true that most of the world is now in full winter mode, but is doesn’t mean that you have to be cold, buy a puffy jacket and stay inside, waiting for summer to be back.You have already booked your ticket to paradise (if not you should, really), thinking about this amazing secret cove in the Philippines, or that white sand beach in Thailand, but yet cannot find a place selling swimwear anymore. Those old swim shorts need to be replaced, really, you know it! Or maybe you need a new pair of boardshorts for that crazy road trip with your mates. 

In any case, we are here! Summer is the only season we know, and our store is open all year long. So to make things even easier, the whole store is now at 20% off. Yes, that’s right, and of course the shipping is still free, worldwide. Well, unless you live in a crazy remote place, then we would have to talk about it!  
So don’t wait, order your trunks ASAP, you have until the 20th of December.
All orders are sent from Hong Kong, if you have a special request, feel free to drop us a line. We’ll make sure you get your order before your Winter Summer break! 



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Stoked to see Sandbucket featured in the latest issue of Time Out Hong Kong! 

“Life’s a beach, unless you have nothing to wear. Avid surfer and Sandbucket founder Romain Pitz saw a huge gap in the men’s swimwear market between ‘Villebrequin, which is ridiculously expensive and standard surf brands. There was nothing in the middle’, Pitz explains. “I want to create a brand encompassing discovery, travel and having fun, without being tied to just ‘surf’ specifically.”

Sandbucket’s minimalist approach to design is a thoughtful one. The material is soft enough to be worn around the city but tried and tested for the water. The colour block patterns come in vibrant hues that are bright without being flashy, while the understated prints add some dimension. For a guy that wants a quality pair of trunks in and out of the water, this brand is one to keep an eye on.”

By Elizabeth Choi, Time Out Hong Kong, issue 188.

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Today is Friday, the sun is shinning and summer is full ON! Perfect occasion for a throwback from last summer, the Jimbo Happy dance ! Enjoy your weekend at the beach! 

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sandbucket SS15, New collection available! 

Here we are, after spending quite some time making sure everything was as perfect as it can be, we are now ready! 3 new models added to the product list. 2 pairs of boardshorts, 1 pair of swim shorts. All 3 coming in their own zipper pouch to keep your valuables from water and sand when chilling at the beach. Check it all out at, and watch this space for more details on the new products. 

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We are stoked to be partnering up with Cliche Records on their 3rd anniversary boat trip. A team of crazy talented people doing what they love, and doing it better than anyone else! 

The event will be held in Hong Kong, the 25th of April 2015. The entire day on a boat, with the whole Cliché family together, plus Djs from Seoul / Jakarta / Vietnam/ Shanghai / France / Germany and Taiwan will be there.

Yes, the perfect combination for an amazing day. wearing amazing boardshorts!

Learn more about Cliché here: and there:

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Yes, this is exciting! The new collection is coming, and to celebrate, we decided to offer free standard shipping on all orders, worldwide! So don’t miss the new collection’s launch, and be ready to feel awesome wearing your new trunks!  (conditions may apply)

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Rain is no excuse to stay in! Featuring the sandy blue boardshorts.

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Exploring the south west coast of France. Featuring the lemon water boardshorts.

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Exploring Koh Chang, Thailand. Featuring the sunny lagoon boardshorts.

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stop, and enjoy the view. #outplaytheday featuring the sandy morning boardshorts. check them out

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Beach on a sunday morning, the perfect hangover cure. #outplaytheday featuring the salt water boardshorts. check them out at

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go out, and explore.  Featuring the lemon soda boardshorts. check them out

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looking for sunshine! Featuring the fresh water boardshorts, in the rain. check them out at

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Freddy going big in Hong Kong. Featuring the blue lagoon boardshorts. check them out at

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Malapascua Island, The Philipines 

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Up and running

Here we are. sandbucket is now up and running. it took a while, a lot of work, a bit of stress, and late nights, but it was worth the sweat. the first collection is available, the website is ready to receive your orders, and we sincerely hope you will like what you see, and even more what you buy. we have spent a lot of energy to make everything as good as we could. rest assure that we keep on putting even more effort in improving, every single day, to make sure everything to come will be even better. we do believe that improvement is a must, and we strive for the best.

feel free to drop us a line, for any comment or feedback you may have. we will be happy to hear from you.

make sure you follow us, so you don’t miss any crispy news or awesome products to be launched.

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